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  1. 28Apr11:Fruitmasters (NL; W199) reports turnover +5% at EUR 210m and net loss at EUR -1m, up from -2.3m [Dec10].

  2. 5Apr11:Coforta - The Greenery (NL; W46) reports turnover +13% at EUR 1843m and net profit -35% at EUR 4.8m [Dec10].

  3. 30Mar11:Cosun (NL; W49) divests its non-core Unifine food & baking ingredients division to Dawn Foods for an undisclosed amount.

  4. 30Mar11:Baywa (DE; W7) reports turnover +9% at EUR 7903m and net profit +12% at EUR 66.8m [Dec10].

  5. 30Mar11:Agrifirm (NL; W42) reports turnover +3% at EUR 1983m and net profit -50% at EUR 24.7m [Dec10].

  6. 25Mar11:The intended merger GLAC (FR; W115) and Eurial (FR; W104) appears to reach a dead end.

  7. 25Mar11:Emmi (CH; W39) reports turnover +4% at EUR 2153m and net profit +14% at EUR 69.1m [Dec10].

  8. 24Mar11:Terrena (FR; W20) reports turnover +11% at EUR 3871m and net profit +16% at EUR 22.7m [Dec10].

  9. 24Mar11:Rinder-Union West (DE; W295) reports turnover +4% at EUR 52m and net profit +98% at EUR .5m [Dec10].

  10. 23Mar11:Dairy Farmers of America (USA; W8) reports turnover +20% at EUR 7395m and net profit -33% at EUR 33m [Dec10].

  11. 23Mar11:Itambé (BR; W92) mulls IPO plans, following breakdown of  five-party merger talks.

  12. 21Mar11:ForFarmers (NL; W17) reports turnover +19% at EUR 4163m and net profit -16% at EUR 50.3m [Dec10].

  13. 20Mar11:Ammerland (DE; W142) reports turnover +35% at EUR 490m and net profit *10 at EUR 10.6m [Dec10].

  14. 18Mar11:Nordzucker (DE; W47) reports turnover +52% at EUR 1806m and net profit -123% at EUR -10.2m [Feb10].

  15. 16Mar11:FrieslandCampina (NL; W5) reports turnover +10% at EUR 8992m and net profit +73% at EUR 458m [Dec10].

  16. 10Mar11:Bega Cheese (AU; W107) announces plans for a stock listing ahead of Tatura merger, with a farmer vote taking place as early as 21 April.

  17. 9Mar11:Skanemejerier (SE; W163) reports turnover +11% at EUR 367m and net profit +1016% at EUR 33.4m [Dec10].

  18. 1Mar11:Land O'Lakes (USA; W6) reports turnover +7% at EUR 8410m and net profit -13% at EUR 134.4m [Dec10].

  19. 24Feb11:La Coop Fédérée (CA; W28) reports turnover +1% at EUR 2774m and net profit -32% at EUR 13.2m [Oct10].

  20. 22Feb11:Kerry Group (IR; ) reports turnover +10% at EUR 4960m and net profit +61% at EUR 324.2m [Dec10].

  21. 22Feb11:Geno (NO; W300) reports turnover +5% at EUR 36m and net profit +60% at EUR 1m [Dec10].

  22. 18Feb11:HKScan (FI; W37) reports turnover -1% at EUR 2114m and net profit -5% at EUR 30.8m [Dec10].

  23. 11Feb11:Metsäliitto (FI; W13) reports turnover +11% at EUR 5377m and net profit -163% at EUR 214m [Dec10].

  24. 11Feb11:Lantmännen (SE; W19) reports turnover +3% at EUR 3999m and net profit -1093% at EUR 80.6m [Dec10].

  25. 11Feb11:DLG (DK; W15) reports turnover +15% at EUR 5280m and net profit +45% at EUR 51.4m [Dec10].

  26. 4Feb11:Tereos (FR; W23) reports turnover +6% at EUR 3615m and net profit +96% at EUR 150.3m [Sep10].

  27. 3Feb11:Cosun (NL; W46) reports turnover +0% at EUR 1766m and net profit +158% at EUR 158m [Dec10].

  28. 19Jan11:Glanbia (IR; W40) acquires US-based Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition (BSN) for EUR 107m.

  29. 14Jan11:InVivo (FR; W10) merges its feed division Evialis with Lorca and CAL into “Lorial”.

  30. 17Dec10:Arla Foods (DK; W7) in merger talks with Hansa Milch (DE; W131).

  31. 14Dec10:Het noodlijdende Allgäuland (DE; W73) wil haar zes moedercoöperaties fuseren om leden een betere propositie te bieden.

  32. 10Dec10:Listed Warrnambool Cheese & Butter (AU; W76) raises EUR 13m in a rights offering.

  33. 8Dec10:Maïsadour (FR; W95) reports turnover +0% at EUR 1006m and net profit +29% at EUR 14.6m [Jun10].

  34. 29Nov10:Conserve Italia (IT; W68) reports turnover -2% at EUR 1018m and net profit -58% at EUR 1.4m [Jun10].

  35. 29Nov10:Clover (ZA; W50) is to list on the Johannesburg stock exchange on 14Dec, raising some EUR 50m.

  36. 26Nov10:Silver Fern Farms (NZ; W74) reports turnover -10% at EUR 982m and net loss of EUR 14m, down from EUR +44 in 09 [Sep10].

  37. 26Nov10:Danish Crown (DK; W8) reports turnover +1% at EUR 6067m and net profit +56% at EUR 221.1m [Sep10].

  38. 23Nov10:Grupo AN (ES; W110) reports turnover -5% at EUR 528m and net profit +38% at EUR 5m [Jun10].

  39. 23Nov10:Avebe (NL; W95) reports turnover -18% at EUR 522m and net profit -11% at EUR 2.8m [Jul10].

  40. 22Nov10:CHS (USA; W1) appoints Carl Casale, current CFO of Monsanto, to replace retiring John Johnson as CEO as of Jan11.

  41. 19Nov10:Fruitmasters (NL; W188) CEO Verwoert leaves the organization unexpectedly and without mentioning reasons.

  42. 18Nov10:Sodiaal (FR; W8) rejects Lactalis’ offer of EUR 1.3bn for 100% of Yoplait, stating the price is too low.

  43. 17Nov10:Murray Goulburn (AU; W20) paid EUR 1.5m to keep its 10% stake in Warrnambool (AU; W76), still being interested in a merger.

  44. 16Nov10:Florida's Natural/ Citrus World (USA; W377) reports turnover +5% at EUR 330m [Aug10].

  45. 16Nov10:AWB (AU; ex coop) shareholders vote in favor of sale to Canadian Agrium for EUR 883m. 80% of 97.8% voted in favor.

  46. 12Nov10:Emmi (CH; W17) acquires yogurt brand “Onken” (EUR 75m turnover) from Dr. Oetker for an undisclosed amount.

  47. 12Nov10:CHS (USA; W1) reports turnover -2% at EUR 19917m and net profit +32% at EUR 395.3m [Aug10].

  48. 11Nov10:Warrnambool C&B (AU; W76) issues 15% new shares to Bega Cheese (AU; W49) for EUR 12m, ahead of rights issue of EUR 14m.

  49. 11Nov10:AWB (AU; ex coop preparing for sale) reports turnover -23% at EUR 3996m and reduction of net loss of 78% to EUR -39.1m [Sep10].

  50. 11Nov10:Alliance Group (NZ; W89) reports turnover -6% at EUR 759m and net profit -30% at EUR 16.1m [Sep10].

  51. 10Nov10:Silver Fern Farms (NZ; W74) merger attempt with Alliance Group (NZ; W89) called off:response to questionnaire only 517 of 12,000.

  52. 8Nov10:Murray Goulburn (AU; W20) CEO O’Rourke announces resignation following revelations of payments to his wife for her support role.

  53. 8Nov10:Dairy Farmers of America (USA; W5) acquires Castro Cheese from Palladium Equity Partners for an undisclosed amount.

  54. 1Nov10:Aurora Cooperative (USA; ) reports turnover -10% at EUR 478m and net profit +48% at EUR 20.1m [Aug10].

  55. 30Oct10:Murray Goulburn (AU; W20) paid the wife of its CEO more than EUR 0.7m for her ‘support role’ during the past two years.

  56. 29Oct10:Siclaé (FR; W51) receives an investment of EUR 50m from the  Strategic Investment Fund (FSI), which also invested in Limagrain.

  57. 25Oct10:Silver Fern Farms (NZ; W74) has published an open letter to members of Alliance Group (NZ; W89) trying to force a merger.

  58. 25Oct10:CNB (NL; W162) reports turnover -6% at EUR 280m and net loss of EUR -1.1m [May10].

  59. 22Oct10:±co-op SunRice (AU; Apr10 turnover EUR 572m) receives an unsolicited takeover bid from Spanish Ebro worth EUR 420m.

  60. 21Oct10:Farmlands Trading (NZ; W196) reports turnover +6% at EUR 320m and net profit -40% at EUR 1.6m [Jun10].

  61. 15Oct10:Lala (MX; W368) is cited as among those being interested in Yolait’s 50% not owned by Sodiaal (FR; W25).

  62. 14Oct10:Danish Crown (DK; W8) Board of Representatives voted 94% in favor of lowering the business into a shareholder company.

  63. 12Oct10:CRV’s (NL; W204) customer loyalty program wasn’t anti-competitive, the commission for appeal ruled, after a EUR 2.6m fine in 2003.

  64. 11Oct10:Farmer-owned HZPC (NL) reports turnover -9% at EUR 211m and net profit -25% at EUR 3.6m [Jun10].

  65. 7Oct10:Danish Crown (DK; W8) acquires D&S Fleisch (2008 turnover EUR 553m) in Germany for an undisclosed amount.

  66. 5Oct10:Fonterra (NZ; W5) and fertlizer cooperative IFFCO (IN; W23) are in talks to set up a JV milking 40,000 cows in India.

  67. 4Oct10:FrieslandCampina (NL; W3) is mentioned in the Italian press as interested party for Intesa’s 19.8% shareholding in Granarolo (IT; W74).

  68. 4Oct10:Converted cooperative, 85% farmer owned Clover (ZA; turnover EUR 450m) is planning an IPO on Johannesburg stock exchange.

  69. 3Oct10:Fonterra farmers buy 13.5m dry shares (6% of total no. shares on issue), becoming tradable once the new trading platform is launched.

  70. 1Oct10:FrieslandCampina (NL; W3) change dividends: cash from 25% to 30% and bonds from 20% to 25%; interest premium from 2.5% to 3%.

  71. 29Sep10:Tatua (NZ; W261) reports turnover -18% at EUR 92m and net profit -205% at EUR -3m [May10].

  72. 29Sep10:Nordmilch (DE; W39) and Humana Milchunion (DE; W22) get green light from German competition authorities, planned for Jan11.

  73. 22Sep10:FrieslandCampina (NL; W3) launches JV with Esent to produce green energy on member farms.

  74. 22Sep10:88% of the members of Tirolmilch (AT; W202) vote in favor of merger with Berglandmilch (AT; W95).

  75. 21Sep10:Diamond Foods (USA; listed ex-coop) talks to merge with the Pringles brand of Proctor & Gamble were broken off by the latter.

  76. 20Sep10:Danish Crown (DK; W8) considers an IPO as one of three options (external capital or merger) to raise some EUR 600m.

  77. 19Sep10:General Mills is rumored to be preparing a EUR 1bn+ bid on Yoplait, 50% co-owned by Sodiaal (FR; W25).

  78. 15Sep10:CBH (AU; W75) is looking into new cooperative models as it competes with Canadian invadors Viterra and Agrium.

  79. 14Sep10:Arla Foods (DK; W7) acquires a minority stake in Westbury, owned by First Milk (GB; W98) and Milk Link (GB; W103). No price info.

  80. 10Sep10:Allied Farmers (NZ; ) reports turnover -3% at EUR 61m and net loss of EUR 44.2m [Jun10].

  81. 9Sep10:HKScan (FI; W35) will acquire Danish Rose Poultry (EUR 200+ turnover) for EUR 24m plus EUR 47m debt.

  82. 8Sep10:Kerry Group (IR) is being suggested as a possible takeover candidate for Nestle.

  83. 7Sep10:InVivo (FR; W11) merges its seed business (EUR 104m turnover) with RAGT (EUR 104m) and acquires a 34.5% stake in the latter.

  84. 3Sep10:81% of 88% voting members of Newmarket Co-op (IR; W279)  voted in favor of Kerry Group’s takeover offer of EUR 33m.

  85. 2Sep10:Agravis (DE; W12) acquires the 50% stake of Baywa (DE; W6) in vet-pharma company Animedica for an undisclosed amount.

  86. 27Aug10:Listed ex-coop Warrnambool Cheese & Butter (AU) reports turnover -6% at EUR 292m and net profit at EUR 6.2m, up from -11m[Jun10].

  87. 26Aug10:Arla Foods (DK; W4) is inviting AFMP members in the UK to invest another EUR 80m in the UK business.

  88. 20Aug10:Tine (NO; W30) and Skanemejerier (SE; W158) are forming a JV for the Swedish professional services market.

  89. 20Aug10:Emmi (CH; W42) acquires Cypress Grove Chevre in California (turnover about USD 10m) for an undisclosed amount.

  90. 17Aug10:First Milk (GB; W98) reports turnover -8% at EUR 600m and net profit at EUR 0.4m, up from -7.1m [Mar10].

  91. 16Aug10:The Board of ex-coop, listed AWB (AU) supports takeover by Agrium for EUR 750m, outbidding coop-minority owned, listed GrainCorp (AU).

  92. 13Aug10:Skanemejerier (SE; W158) acquires 91% of farmer-owned Östgöta Mjölk for an undisclosed amount.

  93. 12Aug10:Kerry Group (IR) offers EUR 33m for its branded cheddar cheese supplying co-operative Newmarket Co-op Creameries.

  94. 11Aug10:The Greenery (NL; W46) invests in a vegetable juice production line to remove excess production from the market.

  95. 10Aug10:Tine (NO; W5) sells its Danish subsidiary Diplom Is to Unilever for an undisclosed amount.

  96. 10Aug10:Champagne Cereales (FR; W56), through its subsidiary Malteurope, buys Italian Diamalteria (sales EUR 17m) for an undisclosed price.

  97. 6Aug10:AMPI (USA; W65) is selling a milk powder plant in Mason City for closure.

  98. 5Aug10:Champagne Cereales (FR; W56) to acquire wine specialist Compas (EUR 94m turnover) for an undisclosed amount.

  99. 30Jul10:LIsted GrainCorp (AU; ±10% cooperatively owned) is to mergewith listed AWB (AU; privatized Board converted co-op).

  100. 30Jul10:LIC (NZ; W273) reports turnover -9% at EUR 75m and net profit -66% at EUR 4.6m [May10].

  101. 24Jul10:Fruitmasters (NL; W239), The Greenery (NL; W60), Haspengouw (BE; W464) and Zaltbommel (NL; W361) merge apple sales business.

  102. 21Jul10:Sodiaal (FR; W31) has signed final agreement about purchase of Entremont and settlement of debts.

  103. 21Jul10:PAI Partners, 50% co-owner with Sodiaal (FR; W4) of the latter’s subsidiary Yoplait, is reviewing options to sell its stake.

  104. 20Jul10:ZON Fruit & vegetables (NL; W248) and Unica (ES; )

  105. 20Jul10:Allgäuland (DE; W174) reports turnover -29% at EUR 288m and net loss of EUR -23.9m [Dec09]. Search for a buyer has commenced.

  106. 13Jul10:Baywa (DE; W6) acquires a 94.5% stake in Schradenbiogas for EUR 6m.

  107. 8Jul10:Listing of Tereos (FR; W26) Internacional is deferred to 29 July.

  108. 7Jul10:FrieslandCampina (NL; W3) starts cooperation with Lacto-Misr for production of creamers in Egypt.

  109. 2Jul10:Uelzena Milchwerke (DE; W531) reports turnover -14% at EUR 306m [Dec09].

  110. 2Jul10:Hochwald (DE; W75) reports turnover -15% at EUR 1058m  [Dec09].

  111. 1Jul10:Co-op owned Copersucar (BR; W54) reports turnover of EUR 1557m and net profit of EUR 0.5m [Mar10].

  112. 30Jun10:Fonterra (NZ; W5) members voted 89.85% in favor of the internal “Trading Among Farmers” proposal.

  113. 28Jun10:HKScan (FI; W40) acquires Latvian “Jalgavas galas kombinats” through its subsidiary “Rigas miesnieks”

  114. 26Jun10:Aveltis (EUR 400m+) is the new French nr.2 pork meat co-op regrouping Pigalys, Léon Tréguier, Porc Bretagne Ouest and Terrena pork.

  115. 25Jun10:Mole Valley Farmers (UK; W204) acquires the retail business of loss-making farm supplies cooperative CWG.

  116. 25Jun10:Even (FR; W102) reports turnover -100% at EUR 0m and net profit -100% at EUR 0m [Dec09].

  117. 24Jun10:Lantmännen (SE; W23), through its subsidiary Unibake, acquires Hungarian Elso Pesti Malon-es Sutoipari for an undisclosed amount.

  118. 24Jun10:HKScan (FI; W40) acquires the majority of multi-annual loss-making Järvi-Suomen Portti (FI; W303) for an undisclosed amount.

  119. 21Jun10:Nordmilch (DE; W30) reports turnover -26% at EUR 1862m and net profit +46% at EUR 29.6m [Dec09].

  120. 21Jun10:Nordmilch (DE; W30) and Humana Milchunion (DE; W27) are to merge in January 2010, creating a group of some EUR 5 bn.

  121. 21Jun10:Cecab (FR; W71) exchanges stakes with Pinguin-Lutosa and reports turnover at EUR 1100m and net profit -8% at EUR 21.3m [Dec09].

  122. 21Jun10:AB Oost (NL; W283) reports turnover -4% at EUR 126m and net profit at EUR -1.9m down from EUR 0.2m [Dec09].

  123. 18Jun10:Namoi Cotton cooperative (AU; W237) reports turnover -15% at EUR 212m and net profit -35% at EUR 3m [Feb10].

  124. 18Jun10:Apo Conerpo (IT; W127) reports turnover -2% at EUR 685m  [Dec09].

  125. 16Jun10:Milcobel (BE; W107) reports turnover -8% at EUR 755m and net profit +213% at EUR 3.2m [Dec09].

  126. 16Jun10:Eurial Poitouraine (FR; W141) and GLAC (FR; W394) are in merger talks creating a EUR 1.3bn dairy company.

  127. 15Jun10:Sodiaal (FR; W28) reports turnover -9% at EUR 2486m and net profit -22% at EUR 29.4m [Dec09].

  128. 14Jun10:Silver Fern Farms (NZ; W94) is closing three plants following half year losses.

  129. 14Jun10:Nordmilch (DE; W30) terminates a cooperation agreement with Molkerwi Selsingen in view of the alliance with Humana Milchunion.

  130. 14Jun10:Multipurpose co-ops Coopagri Bretagne (FR; W59), La CAM (FR; W234) and Eolys (FR; W147) will merge under the name “Triskalia”.

  131. 14Jun10:Berglandmilch (AT; W144) and Tirolmilch (AT; W262) have announced merger talks, creating a EUR 750m dairy group.

  132. 12Jun10:Milk Link (UK; W136) reports turnover +6% at EUR 594m and net profit -48% at EUR 4.1m [Mar09].

  133. 12Jun10:Fonterra (NZ; W7) mailed voting papers to members on the internal trading structure. Shareholders fund limited to 25%.

  134. 11Jun10:Listed ex-coop Affco (NZ) faces takeover as 52.8% shareholder Talley’s acquired a further 23.5% stake.

  135. 11Jun10:Landgard (DE; W56) reports turnover +34% at EUR 1701m and net profit -9% at EUR 2.9m [Dec09].

  136. 11Jun10:Eolys (FR; W147) members voted in favor of merging with Coopagri Bretagne (FR; W59) and La CAM (FR; W234).

  137. 11Jun10:CZAV (NL; W201), Rijnvallei (NL; W233), ForFarmers (NL; W23) and others join in research and advisory service “CropSolutions”.

  138. 9Jun10:Vion (NL; W3) has entered exclusive negotiations to acquire  bankrupt meat company Weyl Beef (NL; turnover EUR 230m).

  139. 9Jun10:Cooperl Arc Atlantique (FR; ) reports turnover +36% at EUR 1500m and net profit +746% at EUR 11m [Dec09].

  140. 8Jun10:The business merger of Nordmilch (DE; W30) and Humana Milchunion (DE; W25) faces delay as due diligence still continues.

  141. 8Jun10:Pigture Group (NL; W294) reports turnover +1% at EUR 85m and net profit at EUR 0.5m, up from EUR -4.3m [Dec09].

  142. 4Jun10:Sodiaal (FR; W29) acquires Entremont Alliance (FR; W87) for EUR 25m, plus debts EUR 376m:70m cancelled + 70m in convertible bonds.

  143. 4Jun10:Norske Skog (13.7% Co-op owned) is predicted as takeover candidate, with Stora Enso as designated buyer.

  144. 2Jun10:Murray Goulburn (AU; W52) withdraws its Warrnambool takeover bid two days ahead of delivery of the competition authority’s report.

  145. 2Jun10:CNC (NL; W237) reports turnover -11% at EUR 200m and net profit -75% at EUR 1.7m [Dec09].

  146. 1Jun10:The intended merger between Fruitmasters (NL; W219) and ZON Fruit & Vegetables (NL; W127) has been called off.

  147. 1Jun10:Tereos (FR; W26) acuires Groupe Quartier Francais in La Reunion. Tereos Internacional acquires Usina Mandu for EUR 154m.

  148. 1Jun10:Nordjysk Andel (DK; W279) and Danish Agro (DK; W170), both members of DLA Agro (DK; W26), announce merger talks.

  149. 31May10:DairyiConcepts, US JV of Fonterra (NZ; W5) and DFA (USA; W182), acquired the Italian cheese business of Swiss Valley Farms(USA; W9).

  150. 29May10:Over 100,000 persons visited one of 65 farms on FrieslandCampina’s (NL; W3) ‘open farm day’ last Monday.

  151. 28May10:Through its subsidiary Nordic Sugar, Nordzucker (DE; W55) sells its sugar beet seed business Maribo Seed to Syngenta for EUR 43m.

  152. 28May10:Südzucker (DE; W12) reports turnover +2% at EUR 5871m and net profit +84% at EUR 183.2m [Feb09].

  153. 28May10:NL Animal breeder CRV (NL; W142) acquired the 55% shares of BOS Trading in Australia it didn’t already own.

  154. 28May10:Ex-coop Viterra aquires US-based 21st Century grain processor for EUR 73.5m.

  155. 28May10:Coforta (The Greenery) and Best Growers Benelux (NL; W275) ended merger talks. Talks with Versdirect.nl (NL; W255) are aborted.

  156. 27May10:The member councils of Agrifirm and Cehave Landbouwbelang agreed to the merger, following competition clearance.

  157. 27May10:Fenaco (CH; W110) reports turnover +2% at EUR 848m and net profit -9% at EUR 38.5m [Dec09].

  158. 26May10:Nordzucker (DE; W79) reports turnover -8% at EUR 1192m and net profit -45% at EUR 43.8m [Feb09].

  159. 24May10:Transformed coop Senwes (SA), currently trading over the counter, resumes plans for IPO on JSE. Details unknown.

  160. 22May10:ZON Fruit & Vegetables (NL; W127) pays out its special reserve of EUR 4.1m to members prior to the Fruitmasters merger.

  161. 20May10:Labor supply cooperatives AB Oost (NL; W282) and AB Groningen (NL; W352) are in merger talks.

  162. 20May10:Humana Milchunion acquires majority ownership of Niesky GmbH for an undisclosed amount.

  163. 20May10:Farmer-owned Vion (NL; W3) reports turnover +5% at EUR 9040m and net profit +15% at EUR 62m [Dec09].

  164. 19May10:The presentation of the ZON-Fruitmasters merger business plan is  delayed to invite member views on differences in payments schemes.

  165. 19May10:Murray Gouldburn announces a VJ with Danone, for the latter to enter the Australian yogurt market.

  166. 19May10:FloraHolland (NL; W20) reports turnover -5% at EUR 3861m and net profit +76% at EUR 5.7m [Dec09].

  167. 19May10:Avebe sells a 60% stake in its subsidiary Meelunie to trading company Hoogwegt for an undisclosed amount.

  168. 18May10:Wexford Milk Producers hears members about plans to increase its stake in Wexford Creamery from 20 to 70% for EUR 9m.

  169. 12May10:Sodiaal bid for Entremont Alliance has stalled over disagreement about debt assumption.

  170. 12May10:Agrana (AT; W40) reports turnover +7% at EUR 2026m and net profit -125% at EUR -15.9m [Feb09].

  171. 11May10:With 73% Glanbia Society’s vote to buy out Irish dairy business from listed Glanbia failed to pass.

  172. 11May10:Cooperlat (IT; W221) reports turnover -5% at EUR 241m and net profit -1562% at EUR 1.8m [Dec09].

  173. 11May10:Agravis (DE; W13) reports turnover -15% at EUR 4956m and net profit -24% at EUR 11.9m [Dec09].

  174. 10May10:BayWa sells its 74% stake in Austrian Frisch & Frost to Lamb-Weston Meijer for an undisclosed price. RWA keeps a blocking minority.

  175. 7May10:Norske Skog (13.7% Co-op owned) is in severe financial difficulty.

  176. 6May10:The Netherlands Competition Authority approves the merger between Cehave Landbouwbelang and Agrifirm. Now farmers may vote.

  177. 4May10:ZON Fruit & Vegetables and Fruitmasters defer their merger vote from June to August.

  178. 4May10:Vilmorin (Limagrain) acquired 7.25% in US-based Arcadia in exchange for 35% in new Limagrain Cereal Seeds US.

  179. 4May10:Tereos plans to float its new entity Tereos Internacional in Sao Paulo in June and later in Paris.

  180. 4May10:Kerry Group changes its milk price formula based on milk solids market value minus assembly costs, resulting in net loss to farmers.

  181. 4May10:Fruitmasters (NL; W227) reports turnover -17% at EUR 230m and net profit at EUR -2.3m, up from EUR -7.8m [Dec09].

  182. 4May10:CONO Kaasmakers (NL; W259) reports turnover -8% at EUR 155m and net profit +91% at EUR 16.5m [Dec09].

  183. 3May10:Siclaé raised EUR 107m from 2.273 members and staff of member cooperatives (incl. 62% Champagne Cereales), a 3.65% stake.

  184. 1May10:Oil company Petrobras is due to invest about EUR 630m in stock listed Tereos subsidiary Acucar Guarani, obtaining a 45.7% stake.

  185. 1May10:Irish Dairy Board was the largest Irish CAP subsidies recipient in 2009, receiving almost EUR 8m.

  186. 30Apr10:In 2009 France’s largest CAP subsidies beneficiaries were Tereos (EUR 178m) and Südzucker subsidiary Saint Louis Sucre (EUR 144m)

  187. 29Apr10:Connacht Gold (IR; W212) reports turnover -15% at EUR 264m and net profit at EUR 1.3m, up from EUR -2.5 [Dec09].

  188. 29Apr10:Caviro (IT; W218) reports turnover +11% at EUR 250m and net profit +5% at EUR 1.9m [Jun09].

  189. 27Apr10:Nordmilch (EUR 51m) and Südzucker (EUR 42m) were Germany’s  largest receivers of EU subsidies in 2009.

  190. 27Apr10:Kerry Group has increased is takeover bid on Newmarket Co-op to EUR 35m:EUR 37K o.a. to the co-op’s 20% active dairy members.

  191. 24Apr10:The Greenery (NL) is engaged in merger talks with mushroom growers association Funghi.

  192. 24Apr10:Members of ZON Fruit & Vegetables reject annual accounts and call for compensation payments ahead of the merger with Fruitmasters.

  193. 24Apr10:Donegal (IR; W279) reports turnover -13% at EUR 113m and net profit -115% at EUR 0m [Dec09].

  194. 23Apr10:NZ cooperatives Silver Fern Farms and LIC and listed PPG Wrightson seek collaboration on integrated red-meat supply chain.

  195. 22Apr10:Lakeland Dairies (IR; W187) reports turnover -25% at EUR 336m and net profit -1% at EUR 1.3m [Dec09].

  196. 21Apr10:Arrabawn acquires Dawn Dairies from Kerry Group for an undisclosed amount.

  197. 20Apr10:Fonterra invites members of bankrupt NZ Organic Dairy Farmers Cooperative to join its ranks.

  198. 20Apr10:Dutch small feed cooperative Agruniek acquires private Menvoerunie for an undisclosed amount.

  199. 15Apr10:Irish Dairy Board (IR; W51) reports turnover -13% at EUR 1823m and net profit +184% at EUR 37.7m [Dec09].

  200. 9Apr10:Terrena (FR) reports turnover -11% at EUR 3.5bn and net profit -49% at EUR 19.5m; 2010 investment budget set at EUR 110m.

  201. 9Apr10:Maïdadour (51%) and Terrena (49%; both FR) are merging their poultry businesses  into “Fermiers de Sud-Ouest”, turnover EUR ±180m.

  202. 8Apr10:The Norwegian Forest Owners Association sold shares in Norske Skog worth EUR 1.25m, reducing its stake from 14.4 to 13.7%.

  203. 8Apr10:Nordmilch almost saw a large group of dissatisfied suppliers walk away, but talks with management kept them in.

  204. 8Apr10:Glanbia Co-op is preparing a bid worth up to EUR 420m for Glanbia plc’s dairy  business, reducing its stake from 54 to 22%.

  205. 8Apr10:Dutch co-ops receiving EU subsidies in 2009 incl:Cosun EUR 71m, The Greenery 42, Fresq 20, FrieslandCampina 20, ZON 14, Avebe 11

  206. 7Apr10:The Greenery (NL; W58) reports turnover -9% at EUR 1627m and net profit -14% at EUR 7.4m [Dec09].

  207. 7Apr10:New flower auction Plantion (NL) started auctioning 1Mar10 at its new facilities, to be opened by the Prime Minister on 17Apr.

  208. 7Apr10:Ex co-op CF Industries (USA) finalizes its initial exchange offer for Terra  after hostile bidding and fighting its suitor Agrium.

  209. 6Apr10:Ex co-op Viterra (CA) received regulatory clearance to acquire ex co-op Dakota Growers Pasta (USA).

  210. 3Apr10:Fonterra acquires the remaining 51% of Saudi NZ Dairy Products it didn’t already own, in a deal worth NZD 45m.

  211. 2Apr10:CONO (NL dairy) reports a 2009 total milk price of EUR 29.42 per 100 kg ex VAT, EUR 2.44 more than FrieslandCampina.

  212. 1Apr10:Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers (USA; W68) reports turnover -23% at EUR 635m and net profit +82% at EUR 10.8m [Dec09].

  213. 1Apr10:Emmi (CH; W53) reports turnover -3% at EUR 1767m and net profit +28% at EUR 51.5m [Dec09].

  214. 1Apr10:Dairygold (IR; W120) reports turnover -19% at EUR 555m and net profit at EUR 8.1m up from EUR -3.2m [Dec09].

  215. 1Apr10:Cehave Landbouwbelang (NL; W91) reports turnover -16% at EUR 1011m and net profit +37% at EUR 16.6m [Dec09].

  216. 1Apr10:Agruniek (NL; W324) reports turnover -19% at EUR 42m and net profit +1963% at EUR 1.5m [Dec09].

  217. 1Apr10:Agrifirm (old) (NL; W102) reports turnover 0% at EUR 915m and net profit +163% at EUR 32.5m [Dec09].

  218. 31Mar10:ForFarmers (NL; W24) reports turnover +371% at EUR 3494m consolidation Cefetra) and net profit +105% at EUR 59.6m [Dec09].

  219. 31Mar10:Ex-coop AWB (AU) agrees with US-based Gavilon to take a 50% stake in its AU business and 100% of AWB Geneva, amount undisclosed.

  220. 31Mar10:Capsa (ES) loses the takeover bidding on Ebro Puleva’s dairy business to Lactalis, which offered EUR 630m.

  221. 30Mar10:Cosun (NL; W55) reports turnover +1% at EUR 1763m and net profit +38% at EUR 61.3m [Dec09].

  222. 29Mar10:Tereos (FR) is consolidating its international businesses into a single unit, to be listed in Sao Paulo, Paris and Shanghai.

  223. 26Mar10:Westfleisch (DE; W46) reports turnover -6% at EUR 1887m and net profit +111% at EUR 10.7m [Dec09].

  224. 24Mar10:Dairy Farmers of America (USA; W11) reports turnover -31% at EUR 5941m and net profit +6% at EUR 48.1m [Dec09].

  225. 23Mar10:Murray Goulburn has increased its shareholding in Warrnambool to the statutory max of 10% while it seeks a full takeover.

  226. 18Mar10:Kerry Co-op (IR) Board considers a new spin out of Kerry Group shares, reducing its current 23.7% shareholding possibly to 9%.

  227. 18Mar10:FrieslandCampina (NL; W4) reports turnover -14% at EUR 8187m and net profit +35% at EUR 182m [Dec09].

  228. 17Mar10:Limagrain may raise is stake in Vilmorin from current 71.46% to 81.6% following planned rights subscription.

  229. 17Mar10:Ex co-op CF Industries and Terra Industries agree acquisition by the former for  USD 4.7bn, the latter ending its talks with Yara.

  230. 16Mar10:TheGreenery (NL; W46) has contracted 40% of its member supplies through a new marketing channel allowing more direct member control.

  231. 16Mar10:Glanbia Co-op is in talks with Glanbia plc (IR; W38) about a possible buy-out and de-listing of the company’s Irish dairy activities.

  232. 12Mar10:Nordzucker sells its 51% stake in Serbian sugar factory Sunoko to Swiss Agri Holding for an undisclosed amount.

  233. 12Mar10:Local meetings of Nordmilch and Humana Milchunion relaxed about prospective merger of business entities expected in June.

  234. 12Mar10:Granarolo (IT; W103) reports turnover -7% at EUR 909m and net profit -336% at EUR 18.6m [Dec09].

  235. 12Mar10:Ex co-op Diamond Foods (USA) raises USD 181m in a secondary offering to fund acquisition of Kettle Foods priced at USD 615m.

  236. 12Mar10:Agravis (DE; W13) reports turnover -15% at EUR 4956m and net profit -24% at EUR 11.9m [Dec09].

  237. 11Mar10:Covap (ES; W198) reports turnover -15% at EUR 300m and net profit +25% at EUR 3.5m [Dec09].

  238. 10Mar10:Tereos (FR; W25) reports turnover -11% at EUR 3409m and net profit -7% at EUR 76.8m [Sep09].

  239. 10Mar10:Sunkist (USA; W135) reports turnover -20% at EUR 581m and net profit -88% at EUR .7m [Oct09].

  240. 10Mar10:DeltaMilk (co-op buyer of FrieslandCampina’s cheese factory Bleskensgraaf) raised member numbers from 60 to 100.

  241. 8Mar10:Arla Foods dismisses the option of opening up its international business to external investors.

  242. 7Mar10:Arla Foods (DK; W7) reports turnover -7% at EUR 6211m and net profit +75% at EUR 130.5m [Dec09].

  243. 5Mar10:Baywa (DE; W8) reports turnover -17% at EUR 7260m and net profit -23% at EUR 59.4m [Dec09].

  244. 4Mar10:Milko (SE; W212) reports turnover -10% at EUR 267m and net profit at EUR 2.8m, up from EUR -6.2m [Dec09].

  245. 3Mar10:Gasa Nord Groent (DK; W228) reports turnover +6% at EUR 228m and net profit +27% at EUR .6m [Dec09].

  246. 3Mar10:Ebro Puleva rejects Capsa’s (ES; 57% co-op owned) takeover bid on its dairy division Puleva, valued at EUR 500m.

  247. 2Mar10:Valio suffers from strong competition from Arla Foods in the local Finnish market.

  248. 1Mar10:Sodiaal acquires Albert Frere’s 63.5% stake in Entremont Alliance for EUR 30m and Unicopa’s 36.5% (plus EUR 376m debt).

  249. 1Mar10:Fonds Stratégique d'Investissement invests EUR 150m in Limagrain to strengthen the capital base of its listed subsidiary Vilmorin.

  250. 1Mar10:Coopagri Bretagne, La CAM 56 and Eolys announce merger effective as of 30June, creating a EUR 2.8bn company.

  251. 26Feb10:Tine (NO; W36) reports turnover +7% at EUR 2341m and net profit +79% at EUR 83.5m [Dec09].

  252. 24Feb10:Land O'Lakes (USA; W6) reports turnover -14% at EUR 7634m and net profit +17% at EUR 150.6m [Dec09].

  253. 24Feb10:Arla Foods (DK; W9) reports turnover -7% at EUR 6211m and net profit +75% at EUR 130.5m [Dec09].

  254. 22Feb10:Axéréal (FR; W39) to acquire Greencore’s malt business for EUR 116m.

  255. 19Feb10:HKScan (FI; W39) reports turnover -7% at EUR 2125m and net profit +328% at EUR 32.5m [Dec09].

  256. 18Feb10:Atria (FI; W71) reports turnover -3% at EUR 1316m and net profit -41% at EUR 7m [Dec09].

  257. 17Feb10:Calavo Growers (USA; W203) acquires 65% of Salsa Lisa and integrates the company in new subsidiary Calavo Salsa Lisa.

  258. 12Feb10:Fruitmasters and ZON Fruit & Vegetables (both NL) are investigating a merger.

  259. 12Feb10:Agropur (CAN; W44) reports turnover +8% at EUR 1923m and net profit +45% at EUR 21m [Oct09].

  260. 9Feb10:Mechelse Veilingen (BE; W253) reports turnover -15% at EUR 179m [Dec09].

  261. 9Feb10:Agravis (DE; W13) launches JV with Voks- und Raiffeisenbank Mölln for agricultural trading activities.

  262. 5Feb10:M-real (FI; W33) reports turnover -25% at EUR 2432m and net profit at EUR -354m, up from EUR -508m [Dec09].

  263. 27Jan10:It is being speculated that Kerry Group (IR) is preparing a bid on cheddar cheese cooperative Newmarket Co-op.

  264. 26Jan10:Fonterra (NZ; W7) farmer-shareholders raised EUR 192m,  suscribing to a share issue up to 120% of milk supply shares.

  265. 26Jan10:Cocamar (BR; W149) reports turnover +0% at EUR 505m [Dec09].

  266. 26Jan10:3A (FR; W121) launches a JV with Kaiku to strengthen its yogurt business.

  267. 21Jan10:ex-coop Viterra (CAN) reports turnover -2% at EUR 4179m and net profit -61% at EUR 71.2m [Oct09].

  268. 20Jan10:Unicopa (FR; W74) sells its animal foods business Nutrea to Terrena and Coopagri Bretagne.

  269. 20Jan10:Ahead of its AGM, Silver Fern Farms (NZ; W59) shares trade at just above 50% of their price when issued on a restricted market in Oct09.

  270. 19Jan10:Mole Valley Farmers (UK; W205) reports turnover +6% at EUR 281m and net profit -11% at EUR 2.4m [Sep09].

  271. 16Jan10:Arla Foods (DK; W7) sells its 75% stake in Claymore Dairies (UK) to management, North Milk Co-op owning the remaining 25%.

  272. 14Jan10:Arla Foods (DK; W7) doubles its investment budget to EUR 242m focusing on marketing, capacity and increased efficiency.

  273. 7Jan10:Bralian dairy co-ops Itambé (BR; W125), Minas Leite, Mineiras Cemil, Centroleite (joint turnover EUR 1.6 bn) are in merger talks.

  274. 4Jan10:Warrnambool (AU, listed ex-coop) received and rejected two uninvited takeover bids termed 'opportunistic'.

  275. 4Jan10:Pro-Fac (US) earns USD 238m selling minority owned customer Birds Eye Foods to private equity Pinnacle Foods.

  276. 4Jan10:Former executives of Friesland Foods suggest Campina members paid too little for the merger.

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